team titleist hats and shirts

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how many of you team titleist members would like team  hats or shirts and other items.  send in emails  and maybe next year titleist will have items for us to wear.

Charles T APD

Great suggestion.

Would love to have team titleist shirts and/or golf bag towels.  My irons, putter, wedges and balls are titleist, so that would be a perfect addition.

Robert D

Absolutely! What a great marketing tool as well. Seed the early adopters of Team Titleist and let us represent!!!

Dave B

Richard S


Great idea. Count on me also.

Dave B

Count me in,sounds like a great idea

Keith T

agreed-  think it would be great to sport some titleist gear.

matt d

that would be so awesome especially if we could get our names engraved in them to make them rare.


Team Titleist Hats and or Shirts would be outstanding, I'd wear them everywhere and paying for them is OK with me as well, I think a lot of people would want to know how and where to get one for themselfs.


Sounds like a great idea, I would wear any Titleist gear.  


What a way to represent Titleist.   Count me in!

James P


Heath Allsup

I wear visors but shirt would show great support!

Stephen S

Sounds like a Great idea!  Just tell me where to send funds!  :)

John A

great idea count me in

Adam B

yeah that would be awesome