What do you use on the green?

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Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning

...For a ball marker? Ball mark tool? Putter?


For a ball marker, I usually use my Muirfield Village one. However, I have a quarter with my birth year on it that my mother gave to me. Ball mark tool...I use a Scotty Cameron tool (green). I like it because, well, it's a Scotty/Titleist piece, and it doesn't tear up the green(s) like other tools. Putter...I have a Studio Select Newport 2 MS. I LOVE my Scotty, BUT, I have my heart set on a 3X/Tour, black, 009 (hopefully, with no sight line/dot). I also like the Studio Select Newport 2 Tour Black Deep Milled.

James B

I have a really nice FootJoy Ambassador ball marker

jeff l

i use

Clint S

A quarter for a ball marker, Scotty Cameron repair tool, ody mallet putter


I have a USGA coin that has an inner magnetic coin.  Great for marking mine and my partner's ball.  Also use the big one far away and the small one up close.  Turned upside down means that I have moved it to remind me that I need to move it back.

Michael B

Studio Select Newport 2, Scotty pivot tool and FJ Ambassador ball marker.

Josh G

I've got a bag full of foreign coins that I use for ball markers.  My favorite one is a Jamaican dollar I have from my honeymoon.  For a pivot tool I use my Scotty.  I've got a bunch of pivots and I usually use whatever one is most seasonal or matches my get up.  I'm partial to the 4 leaf clover pivot.  My putter is my baby.  She's a Napa and she's gorgeous!  

Ron M.

I use a Hilton Head National marker and repair tool....Shot my 1st under par round there....Sea Mist Cali 1.5 /34

Christopher D

I use an Irish 50p coin.  It is hexagonal or octagonal in shape and I always have one side up.  It doesn't help with my putting, and I could mark with anything flat and roundish.  Like alot of things in life it is just done.  I purchased a Scotty Cameron GoLo putter last year, ordered to certain specs., but it hasn't helped me because I have lost my touch.  I love the way the GoLo sets up and all, but you put a Stradivarious in the hands of a no talent hack and you a'int going to get anything nice.  Now I am going to try and copy Jack Nicklaus's putting style, see if that doesn't help me see the line better.  As for a ball mark tool, I use a nice one I got at a nice course in Florida.  I use it mainly to fix others ball marks, because I don't hit many greens in regulation.  I also always pick up poor worms that may be kind of stranded on the green and place them in the fringe.  I figure if I don't give them a chance, who will?  Yeah, golf is my only pleasure now.  I really don't like playing with other people because they don't putt out, and don't follow the rules for lost balls or OBs, and don't fix their ball marks.  Sometimes they voice opinions that they should keep to themselves too.  I used to have a different view of playing partners, and had old Harvey Penick's attitude of, "If you play golf, then you're my friend."  But I'll be quite frank, if I was the only one left on earth, I'd go and play all the courses I wouldn't be able to ever play, and would be quite content.  As I said before, golf is my only pleasure.

Sean O

For Ball mark i usually use a poker chip, and i use a Studio Select Newport 2 

Jake W

masters ball mark scotty cameron pivot tool and my club glove towel and of course my putter


I use a poker chip from the Justin Timberlake Shriner's tournament.  Picked it up a couple of years ago in Vegas when I got to caddie out there.  My pro was great until he switched sponsors this year.  My current gamer is a Scotty GoLo and I use an old SC pivot tool.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Here's my trusty Scotty Cameron GoLo... Love this putter.

In terms of ball mark... I'll grab a quarter out of my bag or sometimes a peso. Not too superstitious on the ball mark front.

Repair tool, I rotate between one from Piedmont Driving Club and one from The Bears Club.

Josh G

I love that murdered out JYD cover!

Carlo Angelo

I like those magnetic makers that you clip on your caps.  Each cap that I currently use has one on them.  Its so easy reaching for them on the brim of your cap instead of looking for your marker in your pocket.  I buy them as souvenirs on nice courses that I get to play.