What do you use on the green?

I love that putter Mike, someday I hope to have one as well!

To mark my ball, I was using a Titleist 1 ball marker that came with a Titleist hat, so now I am using a Brass Guitar Pick as a ball marker. I have an ody divot tool, and use a White Hot XG#7 cs putter. I will be purchasing a new Putter in the next few weeks.

I use my Titleist divot repair tool that I have had for twelve years now, 

My ball markers are usually a set of quarters from the 60's, they represent my goal to break 70. 

As for my putter, it is a Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Mill Spec.  36" in length with 4 degrees of loft.

Sorry to say but I don't use a Scotty putter, kind of one of those things do fix what isn't broke, but I use a simple peso from my honeymoon as a ball mark and a titleist repair tool.

Always a dime.....my ball mark tool was a gift from my younger son from when he was working at the Country Club in Brookline.....during the Rider Cup year.....and I use an older  Rossie putter....with a Titleist full cord grip.....I go back and forth with a black full cord and a red full cord when I regrip......

I have a custom Scotty California Monterey heavy putter, a Scotty pivot tool (standard silver with red paint fill), and a Footjoy ball marker.