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Jim S

If any of you browse ebay for Footjoy clothing have you noticed that anything with the Titleist name on it sells for much more than Footjoy clothing without the Titleist name?  Would other Team Titleist members like to see Titleist on new Footjoy clothing?



I would love to get stuff with the Titleist logo on it. I search ebay all the time for that stuff. I know there are a ton of "fakes" out there but I have also seen some pretty cool Titleist/FJ jackets and shirts. You are right, if they say Titleist, the cost is nearly double. I wish we could purchase some Team Titleist shirts/jackets. How cool would that be???

Jarrod M

absolutely. It makes complete sense. The good players are biased with footjoy and titleist that play titleist. 



It might be nice, but that is reserved for Pro Players that are Brand Ambassadors.

William F

Whether it be with FJ or just stand alone would be nice.  Think of our investments in clubs and not having the ability to display our pride and confidence with a great shirt, jacket or sweater.  If we can get our hands on them, they are usually the ones that the pro's are selling off or a lucky winner of TT.  Just think about the money that Titleist is loosing out on by not bringing shirts, etc to the market.  When they do...there will be a waiting list and many back orders.  Just an average hack's opinion.

Jim S

If my hat, golf bag, golf clubs, golf ball all say Titleist and my Golf shirts, shoes, jackets and gloves are footjoy like many other die hard Titleist and Footjoy loyalist on this site, are we not all brand ambassadors that would just like the name Titleist on our clothing?  This could be offered for sale to Team Titleist members or as a special order option to the general public through retail stores.

barry l

anyone with half a marketing brain, would have long ago dropped the footjoy name and gone 100% titleist.

its a total piss off for me in canada. just purchased for 508.21 dollars a new titleist driver. but i cannot purchase for any price a golf shirt with titleist logo to wave the flag.

Rod S

Yes Absolutely!!

charmaine c

totally agree. im one ofthese people who will buy everything the same make. when i went with another manufacturer, everything did, bag glove clubs clothing the lot. now ive switched all my clubs to titleist, i want titleist clothing to go with it. ok yes it works out expensive, but but i want to show off that im a titleist fan. 

John L

Just for your info while Acushnet still owns both Footjoy and Titleist they have split corp offices. basicly meaning they are family members but not the same company. they did this for management reasons they felt both companies could be more profitable under their own supervision. so while i like the idea my self that might be something mentioned to FJ because i dont know how much influence the Titleist forum has on this. but like i said i love the idea and i would always love to see the two names next to each other


Jim S

If any of you browse ebay for Footjoy clothing have you noticed that anything with the Titleist name on it sells for much more than Footjoy clothing without the Titleist name?  Would other Team Titleist members like to see Titleist on new Footjoy clothing?


David O

Im very much like this also, im currently looking for some Titleist/Footjoy clothing but its very pricy on ebay :-(

Fred C

Yep - hats aside, it's really hard to get both logos unless you order them that way. Many golf shops will make deals on personalized orders so they can show more product purchases from Footjoy. You might try talking with you local pro and see what they can do. Aside from that, because they are separate companies, getting anything else (bags, luggage, etc.) cross branded is next to impossible. 


I actually wait for the special releases from Vokey.com at every major tournament and Tour Championship. This year alone I've acquired shirts, hats and accessories that have Titleist, FJ and of course the Vokey logos. 


The Titleist logo is limited to Tour players, Titleist Staff members and some employees. There have been a few Vokey items with both logos, but they are pretty limited. Beware of eBay, lots of counterfit stuff out there!

James B

Just be careful when you use eBay - I have been burned with fake pro v's and a few polo's. Needless to say I do use eBay any more for that reason :-/


It would be nice but with the rectangle titleist logo now going away and just the titleist name embroidered it is going to cause some controversy.  

Todd T

Well the word must have gotten out because the FJ and T polos are flying off eBay $150 and up!


They are very nice and I have a few.  But it doesn't make the ball go in the hole any easier.  haha

Like said above, beware the ebay deals.  And with the patch going away, the prices will just go up.


Samuel C

As many have mentioned, the Titleist/Footjoy items (besides hats) are for tour players only. They need to separate tour stuff from retail stuff, so there is a difference. Again, if Titleist/Footjoy made apparel that everyone wears, then it wouldn't be as special and they would be like everyone else.

I agree that I would love to have the polos that have the FJ/Titleist logo on it to show my support for my favorite golf brand, but it doesn't make the game any easier.  I show my support by rocking my Titleist hat and FJ clothes, my Titleist clus and Pro V1X and I play my game. 

I have seen some of those items on eBay and have seen some polos go for between $150-200, that's crazy.