Combination Golf Bag for Cart or Walking

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William F

On the weekends when playing with the group I normally ride which the cart bag is fine.  During the week when I like to walk 9 afterwork the cart bag is a pain for the sake I really do not like to push or pull a cart.  Switching bag is OK, but takes time and normally forget something.  Does Titleist offer a combination cart/stand bag?  Maybe they already do and just not finding it at pro shop or on the home page. That would be the ticket for me.  I have seen other manufacturers who have them, but want to keep my titleist equipment in their own name brand bag.

Thank you




John H

Will the Premium Stand bag, or any other Titleist stand bag,  also work on a traditional pull cart? 





I have the premium stand bag and can attest that it is good and light for carrying (just so you don't overload it) and also good for riding in a cart or pushing on a cart like a ClicGear.  It has lots of storage space and is extremely durable.

James B

Should work on a pull cart. I have had several stand bags and I have used them with a pull cart. If you are purchasing it from a golf shop try it out on a pull cart in the store before you buy it just to be sure ...

Bill H

I have a Titleist X87 stand bag, that is about 4 years old. It was designed just for the purpose you describe. It is a light weight carry bag, when I want to walk with my daughter, and a nice cart bag when I ride. Their are zippered sheaths that cover the legs and help lock them in place when using with a riding cart. It also fits very well in my Sun Mountain push cart. It is a great bag and very durable. I have had mine for years and still looks great. If you can find one, I would highly recommend it.


William F


Thank you for the response.  I'll begin the search.