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Chris M

Just now getting around to posting these. Last month my wife surprised me with theses pictures for my birthday. I was shocked. What a great gift! Enjoy!

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

awwww  she's adorable :)


Those are great pictures.  Many props to your wife.  Definitely suitable for framing. 

Chris M

Thanks, I do need to give acknowledgement of the photographer. My wife's sister Mallory DeMers owns Light of the Eyes photography. My wife and her staged them and Mallory took them. Here are a few more! Needless to say they know I'm a huge Titleist Fan! haha.


The Mrs. understands and appreciates your "Titleist issues."  :)  RC


chris , thats what life is all about. if i may say on this web site GOD BLESS THAT LITTLE ANGLE!! enjoy her littleness, they grow sooooooooo fast, my little babby girl is 30 now. how i miss those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You married well!  FYI - like the ICON's?


Very nice.  You are truly blessed.

James B

WOW, those are really nice pictures !


Chris, wow those a wonderful pictures.  My daughter is 15 months now and it seems like yesterday she was that size.  What a great idea from you wife.

Thanks for sharing.

David Browning

Is that a real baby? How's she lay perfectly still on that bag?! Wow. Either way, those pictures are amazing. I'm starting to get in to photography. Wish I had those skills!

Chris M

Haha, Yes that is a real baby. My wife put her legs down in the pocket pretty far. She also held her until they took the picture. So they counted to 3, my wife let go and then grabbed her again. She didn't even move. I guess she enjoyed hugging the Titleist bag!


Great pictures, enjoy they grow up to fast..