Cannot break 90

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connor s

This is my second year golfing and i have not broken 90. my best is a 90 and ive had a few 93/92 

please help me to be able to break 90


Thanks! -Connor

Clinton M

try getting a golf lesson.

Lou G

Short game. Shaping shots. Spend more time on the practice greens and bunkers and less time on the driving range.


I think the solution is simple - to get good at anything you have to practice - so, practice hard and religiously, and take lessons  or engage in some serious study of the game on your own through books, videos, etc.

One other thing - don't say "cannot break 90" - start saying that you can break 90 - that you are fully capable of breaking 90, and combined with the practicing, you will!



brett f

Connor you have to be patient. The place you probably waste the most strokes is around the greens. Practice your chipping and pitching. When you're chipping around the green, the best advice I can give you as a beginner is keep most of your weight on your front foot. This will promote crisp contact with the ball, it will take away some of the chunks, and it will get you out of the habit of trying to "help" the ball in the air. As far as the long game goes, you need to learn how to relieve any tension you may have in your arms. With the driver, you want to envision your arms as feeling like wet spaghetti, get your hips to do the work and drop it in the slot when you start the downswing as you clear your hips. Go to youtube and watch some videos of "gregg mchatton" and really pay attention to what he is saying about soft wrists, golf hips, and ground leverage. Other than that, keep playing, and if you really want to get better you will. Hope this helps.

Callum G

Hey Connor S,

I've been playing golf for nearly 20 years, i had the same problems as you have now. My first barrier was the 100 mark then the 90, 80 and so on... I have a handicap of 3 now and frequently shoot under par, i just have the bad days where things don't and start trying to work the ball too much.

What i can suggest for you to try is when you're trying to hit a green in regulation is dont try to to hit the ball at the flag... Try to lose that mental picture of getting the ball as close as you can to the pin just aim simply for the middle of the green, I can guarantee that your results and that magic 90 will get broken... A touring pro once told me to play for the middle of the green and my handicap dropped significantly from 20 or so down to 12 in no time.

Try this out with my advice, think about your approach shots into the green don't attack the flag, just hit the middle of the green and if you 3 put thats only a bogey in the end, 18 bogeys make the magic 90 and 1 par or even better in the round will get you under your barrier :)




Have you tried reading the book: how to break 90 (  Its really good read and gives you lots of tips around the basics like warm ups, course management, shot strategy, how navigate danger zones and the mental aspects.

All the best


Lou G

Putting, Chipping, Pitching. Nuff said. Course management. Be conservative on club selection. Under-clubbing (and landing short) and trying to muscle it (result: shot that is blocked or sliced; when you hit it too hard you come over the top) are probably the two biggest. If you hit uphill take a longer club and if you hit downhill take a shorter club. For instance, going for the green from 220 yards with a 3 wood may not be as smart as hitting a 7 wood and then pitching at a distance you know you can get down in two with. Learn to work the club. Choking down, draws, fades, backswing length, ball position. You may end up having to hit a half pitch 6 iron 100 yards.

connor s

Thanks for all of the helpful advise. i have been going good with dealing with my slice and turning it into a draw. my putting is bad and to top it of, im only 12 and can inly hit my driver 210-220 so i struggle with hitting greens but its been getting better. but i think as most of you have said, if i can chip it close if i miss the green, then i will make alot more pars. thanks a lot and ill let you know when i break 90!


connor s

I also have a golf instructor who i see about 2 times a month

Sergio M

Connor, I had been trying to break 80 for 2 years, finally a month ago I decided to hit a 3 wood on all par 4's and my driver only on par 5's.  I finally broke 80 and for the last four rounds I have shot under 90.  What I found was that I was trying to "kill" my driver on the par 4's when I really should not, also because I was able to swing easier, it improved my driving on the par 5's.  I would give it a try and see if it works for you. Good luck.

Quintin H

Connor, there was a book written, I didn't read it because the title said it all, "Golf is not a Game of Perfect".

Josh G

Good luck, if you're 12, you've still got some time left to go low.  Practice your putting and your course management, and you'll be surprised how fast the strokes fall off.

John K

Chipping and Putting will take you a long, long way Connor. 80% of your focus should be working on shot 50 yards and in. Good luck I'm sure you will get there.

connor s

thanks everyone and the book "golf is not a game of perfect" is a great book. i got it for my birthday and all of bob rotella's books sound very interesting

thanks again


connor s

i broke 90!

James B

Way to go , CONGRATS !

John T

work hard and be patient, it will happpen. also make sure you have a good instructor. 2nd year golfing is nothing. Ask Tom Brady how many years it tgook him to lead an offense to the promise land

Nathan P

Congrats man.

Conner I'm 17 and had the same problem you had for a long time.  I've been plaing since I was old enough to walk and it took me until the summer before my freshman year of high school to finally break 90. Doing it at 12 having only been playing 2 years, I'd say your doing pretty good.  Keep up the work and keep lowering those scores!


Seth J


I've been playing golf seriously for about 13 years now.  I went out with my dad to the golf course a lot, prior to becoming avidly into golf.  Most of the time when I went, my dad would ask me if I wanted to hit range balls.  My answer was always "no," and that I just wanted to put.  Nothing is funner than making the ball into the hole, in my opinion.  Needless to say, when I started practicing and playing on a regular basis, my putting was spectacular.  Initially, I was like you and could only hit my driver about 200-230.  No biggie.  Keep it in the fairway, hit your second shot around the green, pitch onto the green, then 1 putt or 2 putt, and you're at bogey golf....atleast.  Good thing is, by not being able to hit the ball onto the green very often because of your driving distance disadvantage, you have the chance to develop an incredible short game.  I broke 100 for the first time, broke 90 less than a month later, and then broke 80 a few months following that, all without being able to really make birdies.  The key, my short game was fantastic.  Just work on that for now, the distance with your clubs will come as you grow and develop your swing techniques more, but the most important thing is to keep the short game good.  Good chipping and putting keeps a bad ball striking round from being a horrible score, and keeps good rounds going good.  It also pressures your opponents in competition, with them knowing that you're deadly from around the greens.  So, like I said, don't worry about that distance and just develop a great habit of practicing your putting, chipping, and wedge game.  You will see results, and you'll love it.



Carl T

Connor, Congratulations on breaking 90. It was just a matter of when and not if. You will find that golf is a funny game in the sense that you may feel like you are in a slump but with perseverance you will have days when the ball just goes in the hole in spite of your self and you will soon be gunning to break 80. My game is pretty extreme as I may shoot a round in the high 70's or in the low hundreds and everything in between. It is common knowlege among golfers that when something is working well, something else gets out of whack. It's when everything comes together that we get to post a low score. I read some where that out of 10 golf rounds, you will have 2 horrible rounds, 2 good rounds and 6 average rounds. This is pretty close to true for me. The bottom line is to enjoy all of your rounds as each one is a gift no matter what the score.