ION / Magnetic Bracelets – who is using them?

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Lefty FPL

Hello, fellow Team Titleist Members. I am wondering how many are using a Negative -ION / Magnetic Bracelet , are they working or just a bunk! I have read mix reviews and the trend is towards BUNK! Like your thoughts.


I had one and not sure if it made any difference. Maybe a slight upgrade in confidence, but I no longer wear one. Gets to be a hassle.

Ben M

I like to wear a trion z necklace and bracelet just as accessories.  I do use them as a little confidence boost as well.



Seth R

I have one and love it.  Not sure how big of difference it makes but I still wear it.  i would love to have one that said titleist!

Ryan D

Does anyone know where to find a titleist logo bracelet?  I saw them at a local pro shop earlier in the year and didn't pick one up and now I am kicking myself.  I checked with them and they weren't getting anymore in this year.

James B

I don't think they work and I'm not going to spend money on them. If it works for you , GREAT, it's just not for me.

Carl T

I was a lemming once and bought a copper wrist bracelet back when they were popular. It was suppose to keep you from getting tendinitis in your elbows and other joints. I think it worked a little bit if you took a healthy dose of Advil. In reality all it did was leave a blueish green ring on your skin. Yes I think any of the latestest fads are gimmicks and just a waste of money but it seems that everyone has to learn that themselves. You never saw the great golfers of the past wearing magnetic bracelets like Hogan, Snead, Palmer, etc. Save your money and don't be a lemming.

Tom S.

Works for me! I feel better when I wear it...And my left elbow doesnt ache as much when i finish a round when in wearing it!Thxs

Tom S.