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Paul S

Was wondering if I can get a lanyard. I ask a couple months ago and couldn't get one. Just checking in to see if there are any available.

Carlo Angelo

Is this something they just giveaway? I would like to have one... even for a minimal fee. Anything Titleist I will buy...

Carlo Angelo

Got it! I received a something from the mail from Acushnet. Titleist brochures and a calling card sized 910 precision fit guide... and of course Titleist lanyard!!!


Leave to the good folks at titleist to come through! Have fun with your new lanyard!

Byron P

How long did it take for you to receive your lanyard and fitting guide?

Carlo Angelo

It was about a week Byron. I was surprised it came... Based on my post, from the first post when I was asking about it and from the second one when I said I have received it.

Club Champion

Marc S

A Titleist Lanyard for work would be one more way for us Titleist loyalists to promote our product through our pride! Can't wait for the Team Titleist Store to open.

Byron P

That would be nice to have a titleist store online.

Kevin D

I have to wear my ID at work above my waste so the only real option is a lanyard.  I would definitely purchase a Titleist lanyard to show my Titlest pride if they were available!  How do I get on the list to receive one?


I would also like to get a lanyard, been looking everywhere for them!

Jason J

I also Would Love to get a Titleist Lanyard .

Dallas S

I am with these guys... I would rock a lanyard all day if it had Titleist on it. It would match my backpack for school. haha


Would be nice to have one too!

Mark R

I emailed Titleist to buy a lanyard and they replied to me saying that they do not currently produce lanyards???

Stankinator Rex


Did you request a lanyard directly from someone at Titleist or just through this forum and discussion thread?

I've bought and registered a few 910 products (a driver, fairway woods and hybrids) and would love to have a Titleist lanyard for my daily work ID.

Thanks for any reply,