Titleist lanyard

I requested one just through this forum.

Hey David,

I just followed a previous discussion thread about the lanyard. I didn't ask someone from Titleist. I was surprised it came in the mail. Lanyard and some brochures and a credit card size 910 guide. You might get one soon. Keep me posted. Good luck


I would love to find one too.  I have to wear an ID badge for work, and my old lanyard is old and worn out.  Titleist....let me be your ambassador!!!

Is the public able to purchase these through Titleist? Where do we purchase them?




I would love to have one too, if you get one, tell me how you got it Greg.



did you get your lanyard simply by commenting in the discussion? i wanted to get a titleist lanyard for school, and I was wondering where I could get one?


I want one too! I have a bag full of Titleist and three scotty camerons. Hey my bag is a Titleist. Hook a brother up!



I'm a Titleist spokesman with my Titleist bag and the 14 Titleist clubs inside it, but I feel like a bit of a mooch asking for a lanyard this way. I'll gladly take one though... :)

 I also have a bag full of Titleist irons, wedges and a Cameron putter. Please send me a lanyard.

yup. I just did post here... I guess I was just lucky! 

My son just turned 16 and is huge titleist fan and really wants one for his keys.

I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just purchased AP2 712's and have a bag full of only titleist products. I would love to have a lanyard or braclet.

I would love one as well

Hey I was wordering how exactly to get a titelist lanyard ???