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*NEW* Team Titleist Hat Design

Joe B

Just came up with this today.  Thought it is about time that the Team Titleist logo takes center stage.  Show your support and maybe this can happen.


Joe Burdess

Titleist Regional Fitter


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  1. Lefty FPL

    Nice look I'll take one each white and black!! would pay to get these
  2. LizzyVal

    Love your creativity Joe - not sure it will happen, but it looks pretty nice.


  3. Curt S

    I like it !!! Sign me up to buy one when they come online !!!

  4. Q

    It has a nice look..but not sure if it'll make it into the production line..

  5. Fred C

    I'm not sure it's a good idea to wear a hat with TT on it.

  6. Geoffrey B

    Nice design, I'd love to see more.

  7. Brad K

    I like it a lot.  If there is a way to get it made, mark me down for one.

  8. Brian D

    Hey Joe, is this something that will make its way out to the TT community? I was one of the first to make the team and would be proud to sport the look. Thanks for the design and consideration. Brian
  9. eagle3

    I'll take 2, one in white and one in black. That is a great looking piece of gear. Now the next thing to create is a patch that has the Team Titleist logo and name on it so we can have it sewn on a jacket or windbreaker. This is getting to be a real fine group to be a part of and I, for one, am really enjoying it.

  10. Tim Tiger

    Nicely done.  Would be a great hat.

  11. James B

    WOW , thats really nice. I would purchase one if they were available.
  12. David L

    Good looking hat!
  13. Matthew S

    If its a fitted hat I'll take one of each white black and red in S/M. Better yet I'll take 2 of each
  14. Mike B

    Nice Job!  I could see that as great option to support the TEAM TITLEIST.

  15. Chris92009

    Great idea, thanks for taking time to design!
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