Bob Vokey Golf Bag

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brian k



Recieved my bag last week from winning the Bob Vokey birthday contest. This bag is AWESOME!!!! I had to put it to use, it was time to retire the old bag. The Titleist clubs fit very nice in there and everyone wants to know how I got it. I tell them to sign up for Team Titleist!!!! Thanks again to everyone at the greatest golf company in the world.

Geoffrey B

wow, That is so cool!!! Didn't get any bonuses in the bag did you?

Christian J

That is a sweet bag man and congrats! Wish Titleist could hook me up with a new stand bag, mine is getting worn out!

brian k

I did get a couple hats and a towel. I cant decide if I want to use it all the time.


Thats a sweet bag not sure I would use it on the course though.

brian k

Thanks. I never thought I would see anything. Im sure you will get something at some point. They do a good job of giving gear away.

brian k

UPDATE: I have decided to sit this beauty next to the fireplace. I think it looks great, but all the wife says is your not really putting that there are you. She just doesnt understand. And yes its going there!!!!!!