Team Titleist Membership

Titleist has given me way more than anyone could possibly expect for participation on a discussion board. For all I have done for Titleist I might be deserving of a pencil, so I've been paid far more than I'm worth.

For what it's worth, I'd be fine with a fee if I knew 100% of it were going to Titleist's charities of choice... and really don't want/need any free TeamTitleist gear in return. 

While I am against paying for a membership to TT, I would pay to buy their stuff.  However I believe that if they had a TT store it would take away from the thrill of winning this stuff during the course of the year.  It would be pretty cool though if we could order bag tags from TT.

Great idea. Maybe there could be a hat or towel as a membership gift when joining. Put me on the list.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi guys,

Just to quickly jump in here, there are no plans to charge a membership fee for Team Titleist.

Team Titleist is all about providing passionate golfers and Titleist brand fans with a way to connect with each other and share stories about the game of golf. We also do our best to connect you all to our brand ambassadors and product experts to make sure you have a direct line in to all of the news and information.

In terms of the charitable focus, the Acushnet Company focuses its support to a variety of worthy locally-based and national charities including the United Way, the Susan G. Komen For the Cure and most recently Folds of Honor. 

We appreciate all of the great ideas and suggestions that you all continue to share, so keep them coming!

Well said Mike.   A TT bag tag would be awesome for sure.  Hope it is an option for all.   Thanks for all you do for the TT website.

I would be willing to pay as long as it all goes to charity. Also a little something for the members would be the right thing to do.

I have a FootJoy ambassador tag on my golf bag. I dont like to clutter my bag with stuff but, I would add a Team Titleist tag on my bag to go along with the FootJoy tag.

My suggestion would be to always keep the TT general member ship a free and open forum. As well as all giveaways and surveys not being linked to any kind of special member ship. But one idea as far as  if you wanted to come up with a TT club excluesive were it was fee based member ship wereh the only benifit would be gift set simular to what club cameron dose. i coulod buy into that. of course you would clearly advertise that joined such a club does not increase odd of any rafels or place you ahead of no paying members by any means. it is basicaly a ways for TT to control what TT eclusive products my be produced in mass numbers.

E.G. lets say a 2012 member ship of $35 gets you a TT hat, bag tag and maybe a sleve of prov's with TT emblim on it.

2013 maybe you to a TT towel and TT shirt thing

2014 you make a FJ TT shirt.

somthing along this line i could see. were you could get a TT exluseve product for those who have been asking for some kind of a store. and this alows TT to control how much product is on the market. rest of the givaways like a vokey TT stamped wedge or bag or special run hat something like that still remains open to the TT comunity at large and haveing a paid for member ship neither improves or dimenishes your odds compaired to the non pay member. Simply a pay for swag program that is more of a mass run and specials are still limitied and you are still exreamly lucky to win.

like that voeky bag that was given away earlyer this year. having an exclusive member ship wouldn't have imporved his chances. and the bag is still special because of its one of a kind persay opertunity. but things like bag tags or ball marks or alignment rods something that is kind of a one size fits all product that you can mass order and alow people to purches.

aside from that you could just do something special like ad a TT exclusive next to there name on the forums or keep it compleatly anonimus so that no one feels they are getting shorted for not buying a member ship.

I guess what im saying is keep the forum the way it is just create and anual grab bag of goodies for those who want to buy them. and just list it as while suplies last. i dont know just seems like a marketable idea. the hardest part would be making sure that free members are comfortably in the know that buying an additonal member ship give you know favors other than the grab bag and an icon on your name for paying.


cheers greens and fairways to all


P.S. i like what Titleist dose with this site and i am comfortable with no change at all or entertaining the idea i have presented.

The whole reason I started this string was to get open dialog going.  Mission accomplished.  It was great to hear from several members and most of all the input directly from Mike.

That being said, I like a few of the ideas.


Keep the forum free and allow anyone to post (with moderation of course)

Initiate a TT Membership on an annual basis, similar to the Scott Cameron with a couple of modifications.  Offer a few different levels that will get you special TT gear.  I like where John L was going, maybe something more that can be discussed and built on over the coming year.


Appreciate all of the feedback, and love being part of the Team!



Clint ,I want to win a TT blue tee shirt!Those are sweet! I would sport that baby 7days a week!!! LOL

I like the idea of keeping it free, but having a TT store or releasing TT gear to purchase at different times throughout the year.  I also like the idea of a doing something like the club cameron.  Great Idea's. Go TT.

A TT bag tag would be awesome!! 

Interesting idea Brian!

I'm not sure yet how I feel about a fee for a club (like Club Cameron in a way).... I am definitely on board with Team Titleist gear like putter covers (hint hint Mike!), bag tags and all that!  That would be SWEET and a nice way to allow us "ambassadors" of the brand push others to engage with Titleist and become more passionate for the brand.

Couldn't agree our P R I D E!

I know the guys on the web team are busy with making sure our experiences are top notch.  The current giveaways are far and above what we should expect from Titleist.  The best way to gain information and possibly "swag" from TT is to particiapate as much as possible.

And it is really great to wear the Team Titleist stuff when your initials are TT.