Knee Replacement

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5 weeks and 3 days ago I had a Total Knee Replacement on my Left Knee. Yesterday my doctor cleared me to play golf again. I'm gonna give it a shot in the morning. Any advice anyone can give me?

Christian J

Don't try to hard or do anything to stress that knee.  Scorewise just enjoy the fact that you are able to be back out on the course and I wouldn't even worry about the score.

Thanks Christian, I didn't make it out early today I was having some spasms in my shin. Going to try it this afternoon. And you are right I'm not gonna worry about the score, just the fact that I am back out there is a big accomplishment

TPI Certified

Scott M

I would advise you to check out the TPI website for articles and advice on knee injuries, rehab, and how that affects your golf game.  You can also locate a TPI certified trainer to perform a functional movement assessment and see exactly where you are at.  Alot of times with knee injuries, other parts of the body will compensate and create imbalances which can lead to swing faults.  The key here is to seek out a long term solution to a long term problem, and not a short term solution isntead.  This will lead to sustainable progress with your knee and your golf game.

Cheers!  Hope this helps.

Scott McRae

TPI Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Professional

Truckee/ Lake Tahoe, CA

Christian J

Good luck!  I just finished and golfed one of my seasons best.  Let me know how you do.

Carlo Angelo

Use a cart first, don't stress out the knee and yourself.  And just have fun, enjoy.  Good luck and speedy recovery of your game

I did make it out to play 9 holes today. Shot 6 over par had 3 pars and a couple of nasty double bogeys. The knee did fine just a little sore

Thanks Scott and Carlos. I went back out again today and played the first 6 holes at 2 over par, then the knee started getting tired and I ended up at 6 over again today, before the knee replacement I would shoot 10 over par some times 12-13 over par. I don't think I have too bad. I do have a physical therapist that helps me with the exercises and I do them at home also

Matt T

Good to hear you made it out and had a good round on the knee!

Christian J

Good to hear!  Good luck with the rest of your recovery.