Eagle gets another eagle

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Today was a small part of history for me. the weather was good but the winds weresomewhat brutal gusting 25 to 35 MPH. On the 24th Hole I hit my PW into the left  side of a cross wind and landed on the green from about 110 yds out with the ball landing about 6 feet behind the hole. With a little help from the wind and some back spin, the ball went into the hole for my 4th eagle. Do I love my AP2s and my ProV1x, you betcha. After finally getting used to these new irons, I can't have asked for a better fit and they are paying off.

And on another note this day was made even better when I found out that Steve Stricker was given the payne Stewart Award.

A perfect day and a perfect ending to it. 

Brian D

Congrats on your Eagle, Eagle.  Well done, have to like it when you get a break for once...

Christian J

Impressive! I hate playing when its that windy, but its all for the love of the game.

James B

Way to go , CONGRATS !

Tom S.

Love them Eagles and them other lil feathered friends!

James B

You can never have too many EAGLES :-)


Way to go!!!