Ryder Cup

Nothing wrong with all of the above, as long as it doesn't resort into barracking, heckling and abuse of the other team. Olazabal has already made it clear in the opening speeches that he won't put up with that, and, in the defence of the USA captain,  he also mentioned that he expects galleries to behave in a way that respects the ethos of the Ryder Cup. Surely none of us want a situation like Brookline, where one particular European player was heckled by 'fans' so much that his own parents were so disgusted that they walked off the course! Thats just ugly, and does nothing to enhance the American reputation in the world. As the USA captain said in his speech, off the golf course, we are allies and friends in this world, and America needs all the friends it can get!! Lets not forget that!


Well said Jason, well said.