913 Driver Adaptor

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Danny J

Will the adaptor/shaft in my 910 Driver fit the 913 Heads?

Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Danny,

Yes, driver shafts from the 910 series will be compatible with the 913D2 and 913D3 drivers. Thanks!

- Mike

Federico D

Mike - I have the 910 D3, and want to have an alternate one. I have a Graffaloy from a previous Titleist driver and want to put an adapter for the D3. It seems that Golfsmith sells the shaft adaptor. I just want to make sure that this item is designed specifically for the shaft, as I read in older posts that no adaptors where available unless you bought them with a new shaft.


Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


The adapter that Golfsmith sells is NOT made by Titleist! If you really would like to have an adapter put on a shaft you should have your local Titleist authorized dealer contact the custom club guys to see if it is a shaft that they will put an adapter on your shaft for you. Typically, they will only put adapters on shafts that they currently or have in the past offered as an option for the clubhead.