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I have  a Titleist cart bag which I purchased 18months ago approximately which I have looked after very well, but the fabric on either side of the top grip handle has ripped which I am very disapointed in, surely the bag should last longer than this, the bag has not been over loaded with clubs etc. Is this a common fault in this type of bag ?. This does not give you much encouragement to buy another.

bob m

My brand new bag will not stand up on it's own --- when will this be addressed!!!!!

Honestly a bag that falls over in the parking lot --- not cool.

Love my Titleist clubs and balls - but all who have bags like this version (bought this June) --- should be given a polite option to get an upgrade to a better bag with feet on it.


Bob, I have to agree with you.  I purchased the new "Light Weight Cart Bag" thissummer.  I was finally excited to have a Titleist Bag to match my set of Titleist clubs.  I have been very disappointed in the bag because it continues to fall over.  When I looked at it in the store it had no problem standing on its own, but once you add clubs, balls, etc. it does not stand at all.  I have to hold it in the parking lot of a range or course as well as make sure in my garage it is leaning agianst something so it doesn't fall. 

I just spent a couple hundred on a bag and I'm already considering going to buy a new bag to replace this because i'm worried about my clubs falling and getting dinged up.  I really wish there was something that could be done about this because I really do like to looks and all the pockets on this bag.


greg p

I have a 3 year old bag that has had the "flops" on slippery floors since I bought it.. The legs do the splits like a new born giraffe. I have to brace the legs against something immovable to prevent this.  The leg mechanism just isn't strong enough and the rubber feet  need to grip better.  I would have thought they would have fixed that by now.