910 D3 vs. 913 D3

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David S

Is the Surefit technology the same between the 910 & 913 driver series? Specifically, will the shaft I have for my 910 D3 interchange and have the ability to be used with the 913 D3 if I were to purchase just the driver head? 



Tom M

Yes, they are interchangable.  I have already hit the new 913 with my Fubuki Alpha I had in my 910.  I should have my new 913 driver by next week, can't wait.  I compared my old 910 with the new 913, and according to the trackman lauch monitor I added 15 yards just by changing heads.

Robert J

Yes, the surfeit adapters are  the same in the drivers, the fairways and hybrids have different adapters in the 913.

Eric S

910 driver shafts will fit the 913 driver heads but the 910 fairway and hybrids shafts will not fit in the new 913 fairway and hybrids heads.