Titliest Lanyard

Plus one for getting this dude a Titleist lanyard!

They need to start selling Lanyards so we don't have to beg for them.  I've been watching ebay hoping to get one off of there.

Just keep hoping!  I got one last year and treasure it like my clubs.

Who did you contact to get one?


send me your name and address to tincup2009@hotmail, I will see if i can dig through and find one!! anything to see you smile!

My brother is an avid golfer.  When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas his only request was a Titleist Lanyard.  I thought, that will be easy!  ... Turns out, no such luck.  I've tried local golf stores, ebay, titleist.com etc and can't find one!  Any suggestions where I can find one of these??