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Justin K

Hi Guys,

I am 14 years old and play off a 4 handicap. I shoot consistantly in the 70's and on the odd ocassion low 80's. i was wondering if i would be eligable for sponsorship because i love titleist clubs. I play the 910F, 712cb's and vokey sm4 wedges. I live in Zimbabwe and was wondering how I could get in touch with Titleist to see if they would offer me a sponsorship. I play a lot of local tournaments locally and am the top ranked junior of my age and 12th ranked junior overall. It would help if i could obtain a sponsorship to help with expenses to travel to international tournaments as well as receiving free clubs.

Please let me know any information.


Andy R

Hey im 15 and i went looking for sponsorship too.  I ask 7 different golf companies and they all shot me down.  The point is, dont even bother asing.  I met a kid who was 17 when i was playing on a course in florida who had a Titalist sponsorship. He said that if you are looking for a sponsorship, you either aren't good enough or haven't played enough tournaments.  If you are good and are nationally ranked, they will go to you and try to sponsor you. Good Luck!