New Layout

Dave D

I find the new design to be REALLY hard to read. I can't scan the posts to see if there is anything interesting. Do I look left to right, top to bottom, both?

As a result, I find myself coming here to browse a lot less often.

P.S. I'm a technology executive, so I'm usually all over new designs.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback. We've heard some really great comments from everyone on Team Titleist regarding the new layout - some positive and some less than positive - but all of them have been extremely helpful as we continue to look at ways to create the best possible experience. 

And we are working on some more enhancements that we hope will address some of the feedback we've heard already. But as always, keep the suggestions coming!

While we keep busy on our end, you can also can switch back to the classic view by clicking on the "View TT Classic" button at the bottom of the left hand navigation. Hopefully having this option will help keep you coming back!

Thanks again for the input.

- Mike

I like it, I can go through stuff that isn't that interesting to me and go to the stuff that does interest me. On the side there is a button to view team Titleist as classic. 

I don't know about the others, but I sure like the new layout and the way emails are received. Am also impressed with the ability to block those that one is not interested in. Overall, a great experience.

I for one am a fan of the new layout.  I like being able to navigate between threads I am posting on and general comments under certain topics, such as clubs, fitting, etc.  That's just me though.  Keep up the good work Titleist!

Agreed - the page is very nice looking, but as far as user friendliness and functionality it leaves something to be desired.  With that said, nice to see titleist taking a chance and trying new layouts!