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Chris S

Can someone from Titleist tell me whether or not the new accessories are available for purchase yet?

The reason I ask is I called my club pro 3 weeks ago to order the new pom-pom headcovers, a pom-pom winter hat, and a double canopy umbrella as gifts for christmas. My club pro said no problem, and he would call me when they came in. like I said that was 3 weeks ago. So I called him this morning and was told those items would not be available until April! I'm pretty upset that he didnt let me know sooner.

Can anyone confirm this for me?


Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Chris,  We had a rush when the new accessories came out and the Driver pom pom headcover is backordered until February, the Fwys are backordered until January.  The Pompom hat shoud ship by mid January and the double canopy umbrella is not backordered at all.