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Griffin N

Dear Titleist

My name is Griffin Nyi and I am an upcoming golfer. My question was if you could give me a sponsorship as his would be helpful. I am considering going international for tournaments. Even though I am an amateur I have heard you can possibly offer me clubs/clothes without payment from you. I hope to be part of Team Titlest!!


Christian J

Best way to get a reply, would be to send it to Titleist directly and not through this.  Try getting a hold of the sponsorship department and send them your rankings, handicap, scores, etc.  Good luck with your sponsorship!

Team Titleist Club ConciergeTPI Certified

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Griffin,  Welcome to the team!  If you are a junior (not in college), we ask that you put together your playing resume - that is the tounaments you have played in, location, dates, field size and finish, any national rankings and your future playing schedule. 

Mail that resume to: 

Acushnet Company

Attn: Tour Department

333 Bridge St.

Fairhaven, MA 02719