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Ryan P

Has anybody received these yet?  A buddy of mine in Florida ordered both in October and actually received the fairway cover.  His pro stated that it had to have been a mistake since they weren't due to be released yet.  This is the same buddy who already has a 913 fairway wood before they are set to hit the market.  From what I'm hearing the fairway model is accessible, but it may be months until the driver actually ships due to a large log of backorders.

Has anybody received them yet?  What are your thoughts as to how they fit the club?  Will the fairway model fit a hybrid?


Christian J

I saw them in one of my local golf shops and they were sharp!  

Chris S


 If it helps, I was told the same thing. Seems a lot of accessories are on back order. Bummer

Trent L


   I ran into the same issue with finding the pom pom covers, whoever one quick look on ebay and I was able to find them. They were actually a little cheaper then the pro shop or MSRP. I would suggest looking there. And yes the fairway model does fit my 910H but is a little sloppy. Good luck.

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The pom poms headcovers will ship by mid February - they have been extremely popular :)