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Sean O

Hi people i just want to see what your Titleist bags look like here's mine!!

Titleist 913 D2 driver, 2 910 Fairway woods, 712 MB irons 4-PW, SM4 vokey wedges 60,56,52, and Finally the Studio select Newport 2 scotty Cameron. All in a 14 way Titliest lightweight carry bag!!

Brian D

Very nice selection.  My bag is not too different.  3-PW MB's, 56 and 60 TVD M grinds, 913D3, 910 3, 910 H, and a SC Newport 2.5 Mid-slant, with Titleist practice sticks all in a Titleist cart bag.


Thanks for sharing.

Keith M

I'm carrying a 913D2, AP1 (3-PW) irons, and a Vokey SM4 56/14 wedge.  I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the 913 fairway woods to get me back to 14 clubs, with a 913Fd.  And I'll pick up a proper Titleist bag as well, since I still have a cally bag now.  (Please forgive me, I know not what I do...)

Here's a picture--

Gary T

Here's mine:

913D2 9.5* Fubuki Tour 63"

731PM 2-iron (Dynamic Gold S-300 shaft)

712MB 4-PW Project X 6.0 shafts

Vokey SM4 50*, 56* (bent to 57*), 64*

Cameron Select Newport 2 35"

3W and hybrid (when I replace 2-iron) are non-Titleist

Charles W

913D2 8.5 Phenom Stiff, 913F 15* Phenom Stiff, 910H 19* Diamanna Blue Stiff, BV 52,56,60, SC Newport 2.5 Mid, Titleist Med Staff Bag full of Pro V's...

My only exception to Titleist are that I switched from the CB710 to miz MP 53...

Eric S

Nice!I love the satin finish on the 712 mb and cb its just b-e-a-utiful. I have 3-5 712 cb and 6-pw mb. Have the 913 d3 with original whiteboard 73x. Just sold my 910 fd to a buddy and ordered the new 913 fd today. Can't get the 909 hybrid out of the bag, I love it. Sm4 wedges 54 and 60. And the the flat stick is the new California Monterey. Titleist cart bag.  

Ron M.

Almost finished with bag....Waiting for New 913f&h, 52and56 sm4,Scotty Cali 1.5 .....Love the bag tag....

Tom S.

Nice Set up Sean! I'll get there someday ...thanks for shareing.


Great clubs everybody. I'm currently playing:


910Fd 13.5

910F 17

910H 21

910H 24

712 AP1 6-PW

Vokey custom wedges: TVD 52,54,58

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 33"

Greg E



Jim R

 Hey Sean,

I have 2-PW 690 CB's stiff, 906 13 degree xs, 913D3 8.5 degree xs.  About to upgrage irons to MB's with a CB 2 iron.

jason s

I'm going to be buying a new bag and love your titleist bag, will that fit on a push cart? Thanks 

Club Champion

Steve H

Full bag of the best clubs on earth...... Heading to warmer weather tomorrow to play.....

Jim R


if you were talking about mine, yes Sir, it will fit on one, it is old but very close to the carry/stand bags that are out now.



Charles W

Alright guys and gals, I CAVED today, fitted and bought a new set of AP2 712s.  The feel in the AP2 is unreal, I thought previously playing a Forged Cavity back, that I might not like the look of the AP2 from address but I was wrong, nice compact head design with a beveled topline which gives it a thinner look...  unreal and well done Titleist..

ps. the MIZ's are officially out and moving on as a donor set to my brother, until I can convince him to get on the Titleist train...