What's your lowest score ever?

Mine is a 75 which was during my first year playing golf and now it's my second and the only score I've posted near that is a 77.

81, always working on going lower.

My lowest score is a 66.  I played the other day and shot 67, which could have been a 64 had I not missed a couple shot putts.  I chalk this up to playing with a complete set of Titleist equipment that gives me the confidence to know I'm playing with the best.

Shot 11 under 61, in what turned out to be the last time I played with my grandfather. He stopped playing after 12 holes, said he just wanted to watch.
Rick P

I shot a 79 three years go.  Lowest since then has been 81.  Still trying to do better.

Lowest score ever was a 75 (par 71), the short game was on and the putter was ridiculously hot...23 puts with a Cameron Kombi S. Oh what could have been if I would have been hitting more GIR

Memorial weekend 1985 I shot 1 under for first round ever under par. That summer in the Club Championship I had 2 of my 4 rounds at -2, even 3 putting 3 times in one of those rounds. I won the Club Championship which gave me confidence after that. 14 years later I had  a round of -4, 68 for my lowest score ever. But the -2 with three 3 putts (otherwise -5) with the tough pin locations for the Club Championship and pressure, when I hit every green in regulation or better, I consider my best ever. Heck, I beat two guys who were typically on the GAM (Golf Association of Michigan) Honor Roll

72 at Martinsville Golf Club in Martinsville Indiana. 1 over par on the course that my friend I use to play quite often when we were younger. Family obligations change your golf patterns a little bit, plus we live an 1 1/2 away from each othe as well. But it was fun at having a shot at par, bogeyed the tricky dogleg right 18th but had about a 14 footer from the fringe for par but skirted the right edge.  Love my ProV1x s :))

Shot 69 once at my home course..(-3)and 70 in Arizona  on a  par 71 course...have not threatened  par since..

lowest score --73 at age 72---miseed hitting due to a boggie on last hole. jim
62 twice Malibu CC ....
76 Pinehurst # 2 felt like 60 LOL !!!

79 from the gold tees at Cross creek Golf Club in Temecula California

74. @ Berry Creek Country Club. 34 on the front and 40 on the back.

Ahh, The Quarry.  Played it many times on trips to San Antonio.  Great track.  Front side just a little better than okay, though 8 and 9 played well as I recall.  But playing the back nine down into the depths and back up - terrific!  Love that "take the what you dare" 13th over the water - risk reward at its best.  Just don't reach down into a hole or under rocks for a $5 golf ball gone astray, there may be some nasty critters hiding there.

Cape Codder

75 Birch Creek.  Finally shot in mid-seventies.  My friend are scared to play with me.