Driver slipping and twisting through impact causing worn out glove

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Brian V

Hello.  No one can seem to figure this out for me.  I don't have a death grip on the club and adding more pressure still doesn't help.  When I come into impact with lag everything is fine until I begin the rotation of my left hand to square and the club and turn it over after impact.  the butt end always slides a little out from under my "pad" and wears a hole in my glove in a very short time.

I don't know why this is happening.  The only idea any of us have, is that the pad on my left palm does not stick up high enough to keep the grip pinned under it.  I have had pros watch and we can't figure it out.  I don't lose control of the club enough to spray the shots.  I feel that movement is robbing me of distance but can't stop it at all.

Any thoughts on this that would help stop the insanity would be appreciated.  Note: Even if I drop the grip into the base of my fingers, it still moves.



Li W.


Don't drop the club further into your palm than it is already. Make sure you grip it with your fingers, as that will be the most secure form of the grip and it will also give you the most feel. Once the club is secure in the fingers of your left hand, make sure your grip pressure is coming from the last three fingers (middle, ring, and pinky). Those are the fingers that supply the grip pressure during your swing. These are also the fingers that allow you to properly rotate the club to a square position naturally; if you maintain proper grip pressure in these fingers of your left hand, the club won't have that tendency to slip. Remember, however, to always relax the wrists, arms, and shoulders. Firm grip pressure in the fingers, no tension in the other parts of your arm.

Hope that this helps!



Fred C

Brian, it will be difficult for anyone to correct your issue without first seeing a video of your swing. That being said, anytime the glove wears excessively is evidence of a "vise-like" grip on the club at setup. As you swing with a "death grip", the hands actually will lose their grip on the club and cause it to slip . Let me add, mishits will also cause the club to rotate quickly during impact and create undue wear, especially if you strike the ball in the heel of the club. Secondly, your comment, "is fine until I begin the rotation of my left hand to square and the club and turn it over after impact" tells me your downswing is arm and hand dominated, instead of being lead by the hips, legs and feet.

First, your arms, wrists and hands should be fairly soft and your grip pressure should be light enough to allow you to lift your thumbs off of the grip at address. Second, I suspect your downswing starts with your arms and hands. Instead, you want to start your downswing with the lower body - a push/drive toward the target with your feet and hips. This will automatically cause your hands and club to lag behind and drop downward on the correct swing plane. I urge you to read Ben Hogan's, Five Lessons" - he demonstrates a great method of gripping a club and, an even better description of how to swing a club properly.


Brian -

First question new (or old) are your grips? If you're someone whose played with the same grips for 2 years..probably need to change them.

Second, is your glove the right size and do your hands tend to sweat a lot during your round? A friend of mine went through this until we figured out that it wasn't his glove to grip contact, but the hand to the inside of his glove. His hands would be slipping on the inside of his glove, causing the club to slip away from him.

Just some things to look for. Hope this helps.

Nick D

Quintin H

Do you grip the club at the end of the shaft?

There should be about a half inch sticking out behind your hand.

The little flare at the butt is supposed to act like the knob at the end of a baseball bat and add stability when you swing, but it can't do that if it is inside your hand.

If not that, it could be the grip is too big or too small(my guess would be too small).

Brian V

Thank you for all your wonderful input.

I have some more specific details and may be close to the problem.

I use new grips, usually very sticky.  I have tried all grip sizes and am using a mid-over; any smaller and it moves like holding a foot pencil.  My gloves fit fine.  I have had a pro help me to make sure they are not loose.  I don't squeeze too hard.  I make a good body push start on the downswing.

BUT, I just noticed that the club moves in the pad during a VERY SLOW extended waggle!I  If I take the club back waist high and swing down and through to waist high, it slides on the pad of my left hand.  Looking more closely, it happens during rotation to square and through.  I fire my right hand hard to square and I think I overpower my left wrist causing it to hinge a bit.  Oddly enough, even the slow waggle seems to nudge the club back and forth on the palm.

If I don't fire my right hand into impact, I can't square the club and will hit it weak and right (I am right-handed).  I also notice that just after impact my right hand seems to over power the left wrist, slightly bending it.  It feels like a sort of flipping action,  but I don't balloon the ball and I hit it solidly.

Sorry for going deep, but pros haven't been able to help.  I do know that the pad, the area where the club slides, is much flatter than most people's when I turn my hand over and lift up my fingers.  There is no meat to stay on top of the grip.

I look forward to more opinions.  I need to nail this thing.

Thanks in advance 

Fred C

We're all here to help each Brian. given your last post, If you are having to force the club to "square up", you downswing must be upper body dominant. You can insert video of your swing on here. I'll wager we can find the problem quickly. It's my best guess that your downswing starts with you hands and swinging over-the-top, forcing your hands out and away from you early in your downswing. The cure is to start your downswing by pushing off of your right foot and driving your right hip behind your belt buckle. the club should then lag behind and drop nicely into an "inside" position allowing you to swing into and through the ball.

See if you can take a video with your cell phone and email to yourself. Then, save the file on your pc and post it here. 


Something to consider - is your glove the proper size?  Most gloves are made to last the equivalent of 15 rounds of golf - this incorporates all the practice swings too.  So, if you think that you should take roughly 40-45 swings of the club (excluding putting) per round, you are looking at less than 750 swings of the club per glove.  

If you now take a glove that is not sized properly, it will create excess wear.  Keep in mind that the glove will stretch too - so, if the glove fits perfectly when you first try it on, it will stretch out the more you use it - thus it gets too big.  In general you should have some space between the velco flap and the end of the corresponding place on the top of your hand.  Not much, but some space.  That will allow for the glove to stretch out as you use it.  

Once you get everything sized properly, you will probably experience a little longer life for the glove.  

Brian V

Thanks Fred.  I was just examining again and noticed that just before impact area I stall my shoulder rotation to try to hit up on the ball with the driver while firing my right hand.  When I don't stall my shoulder turn, my right hand doesn't seem to bend the left hand.  

I will try to get a video and post it.  

Thanks so much for the input.


Brian V

It is 25 degrees F here in New England now.  I want to take a video as soon as I can for your review.

I checked again and the movement against my left hand is AFTER impact about waist high when my hands roll over.  

Thanks for all the comments.  This has been driving me nuts.  However, I do hit a lot of balls so I am sure wear will take place, but I can feel this on every swing, even a very slow swing.  Seems to be when the hands crossover.

Thanks again.

Mike H

I have the same problem and had to quit wearing gloves.   I have tried different things and had pros watch.   my question to you is does the club handle become loose in your follow through?  is your grip the same at the end of your swing as the address?  Just wondering i dont have any answers, nice to see someone else has the same problem.  And remember some players don't wear a glove.

Brian V

It seems to move when my hands pronate and turnover...even in slow motion.  It may be from a flipping action and breaking of the left wrist after impact.  I am experimenting in rotating shoulders more and not bending left wrist.  However...the pad, the fleshy part of the palm that is supposed to hold the shaft in place, does not hold my shaft at all.  The pressure from the last 3 fingers can't keep the shaft in place either.
Going to take a video of my swing.  But, if their is movement with a very slow swing, I'm not so sure the video can pinpoint this.
Thanks for your comment.

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Mike H

i would agree with the flipping action that is what i do.  i swing hard but its not all arms its a good swing with alot of hand action.  when my timing is on its good when my timing is off its bad

Brian V

The problem with flipping is that if we don't rotate our shoulders with a horizontal plane, we rock our shoulders back and forth more vertcally.  This forces us to flip hands through impact, breaking left wrist after impact and tweaks shaft butt in grip.  I also noticed I had too much rear axis tilt.  This came from trying to hit up with driver.
In the end I had to release early an snap my hands because I was not getting clubface square from a poor shoulder turn on downswings.  Great turn on backswing.
I am going to post a before and after video when we get out of 2 feet of snow!

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Anna P

Hi Brian, I know I'm a couple years late to this post, but I'm curious to know if you found a resolution. I have been experiencing the exact same issue with my irons. It started about 4 weeks ago and seems to start approximately 7 holes into 18 or 30 minutes while at the driving range. My iron shots before this are great, but once the club begins turning at impact I'm unable to straighten it out. 

Please help.