Fellow Golf Channel AM Tour players????

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James H

 Hello to all. I live in the western part of Virginia and just joined the Golf Channel AM tour in Richmond VA. Are there any fellow members on here with any advise to the tour?  This will be my first competitive golf of my life. Excited to get started :)  :)  Hoovy


I was looking to join the New England region this month, I've heard good things about it and I think I'll use it as a good excuse to travel. The collection of courses you get to play is great too. I'm really looking forward to it. Anyone else from the New England region a TT member?

Nick D

Jeremy M

I live in Oklahoma and was thinking bout joining. I recently overhauled my entire bag and changed everything in it wight he exception of my putter. When I get some rounds and range time down with the new sticks I'll re-evaluate and go from there!keep us informed on how it goes! Best of luck to you!!

jim p

In for responses as I am considering signing up for the Long Island NY.   

Eric S

Hey guys,

I played in the Arkansas one last year and have been counting down the days till this season. Had a blast. The tour director is Paul Gomez and he is great. You can call him anytime with any question you have. I would hope yalls tour directors would be the same way. The tourny course will offer free or sometimes greatly discounted green fees the week leading up to the tournament.  I never ran into a guy i didnt like while playing this year. Everyone was great and glad to be there. Everyone was in it to win it though which is great if you like competition. They have an announcer on the first tee who lets everybody know what city your from and your name just like the pros, makes you feel pretty cool and nervous. If you wanna play some REAL golf, make some new friends, and have a blast, pay your money and like the commercial says GO PLAY! 

Play well


Ron M.

I was going to join the Hudson Vally NY. tour but, I can't seem to get a grasp of how many player there will be at each tournament or each level.....I looked at last years #'s and it appeared to be low attendance... I don't mind the cost to join or the green fee but, if I'm the only 1 at the tee in my level(senior) I don't think it will be much fun...Hope to find out I'm wrong

Eric B

Fellow TT members,

I live on the west coast, play the Los Angeles tour for the first time. I've only played two tournaments due to my schedule. Hope to play more this season between my tour and my brother tour in Las Vegas. The weather awesome in Vegas. Haven't seen too many Team Titleist players here. I'm hoping to see fellow TT members on the AM tour.

Have fun this season:
Eric B.
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Cole W

Looks like a cool deal but no tourneys close enough for me to take advantage