What kind of accessories do you have on the Outside of your bag?

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I have 3 bag tags1 Wake Forest, 1 USGA and another to remind me of a golfing friend that passed away last year, it is from his favorite school, Clemson. 3 towels1 Titleist,1 Wake Forest and another from a tournament some friends and I won, 2 Titleist Valuable Pouches,1for balls, ball markers and repair tools and another for my money,keys and other stuff when I play. I have a Wake Forest umbrella also.


I have TT, FJA, and USGA bag tags and a couple of towels.  Everything else is stored inside the bag.

Christian J

I keep it simple.  I have the TT bag tag, and a Part Time Golfer bag tag.   I also have a towel and a club brush on mine.  Try to keep it simple, so it won't weigh me down walking around the course.

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Steve H

Just one bag tag....TT Team Titleist........... ....................and a Titleist Towel.


Just 2 towels (one for my face and hands, one for my clubs and balls), a club brush and a tee holder. I used to use the D-ring to attach the club towel, but now I just drape it over my putter. The face/hand towel is fed through the handle of my bag. This way everything is out of the way but accessible, and nothing gets snagged or stepped on while walking.

Brian M

I have a TT bag tag, TT hole-in-one bag tag, and USGA bag tag.  Also have a Titleist valuable pouch and titleist towel along with another towel and club brush.  Keeping it simple, everything else in bag.

Chris S

I am a walker too so I don't carry a lot, just 2 towels, 1 for clubs, 1 for hands/face. A Titleist valuables pouch and of course my TT Bag tag! And if needed I have either my Titleist or FJ umbrellas.

Chris S

Eric B

3 bag tags (USGA, SCGA & Pebble Beach) 

2 towels (Titleist & state flag of Hawaii)

Titileist staff umbrella 

Titleist pouch for Bushnell rangefinder

My bag: Titleist 9.5 Mid Staff bag

Eric B.
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Mike H


Connor I.

where do you get a team titleist bag tag?

Austin T

TT Bag Tag and 1 Titleist Towel. If it has just rained or is raining I will put another towel or two on or in the bag. Use to have a scrub brush but have found that I can keep the clubs really clean without it by just using my towel after every shot with some water or spit on it.

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Bushnell range finder.

2 towels (1 of them partially damp for cleaning clubs)

TT and FJA bag tags

picture frame with my family on one side and my dad on the other.

Titleist valuables pouch.



i have my bag tag from my trip to Pinehurst and one towel.  it use to be a towel with the logo from the golf store my family use to own, but i retired that towel this winter.  i have my FootJoy Ambassador bag tag and USGA bag tag hanging in my office.  might put those on the bag this year.


The brush, two towels,( one of which is wet), FJ Ambassador tag, Team Titleist Tag  USGA tag and small zippered money purse that carries divot tools, spare ball markers and eyeglass cleaning rag.

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Steve H

I guess his technically counts as outside of my golf bag......