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Team titleist bag tags??

Conor H

Does everyone on team titleist get one because I saw that some people have them and I have not received one yet. 


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  1. Connor I.

    If you stay active on team titleist, they should just send you one in the mail. they are cool to show how much we appreciate titleist.

    good luck in 2013!                 .Connor.

  2. Eric B

    I've have been asking at least once a month now, still hoping to receive one.

    Eric B.
    On Feb 11, 2013, at 1:32 PM, Conor H wrote:

    Team Titleist
    Conor H posted Team titleist bag tags?? in General.

    Does everyone on team titleist get one because I saw that some people have them and I have not received one yet. 


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  3. Eric S

    No not everyone gets one unfortunately. I get on here every day, have an up to date profile and a full bag of Titleist equipment but they just won't send me a bag tag. My buddy has one and he never gets on TT. Ive tried to steal it a few times but he always catches me. Lol j/k. I guess it's just the luck of the draw. I hope you get one. 

    Take Care


  4. Dylan C

    No Conor

    Apparently you have to be really active on TT to get one, my advice to you is to get talking and very active to receive one

  5. Tim Tiger

    I would suggest just staying active and supporting the brand.  The giveaways are mostly random.  But the more you are seen giving worthwhile opinions and feedback, the better your chances. Quality posting always helps.


  6. Fred C

    Being active seems to be the key to anything. More worthy posts = more attention. IMHO

  7. Conor H

    Thanks guys I will keep this in mind

    Good luck this year on the course

  8. Geoffrey B

    I do not know. Just be active in discussion

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