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Ron M.

I'm planning on going to the show in Feb...I just wanted to know if Titleist will be there....Have any TT members been there in the past to share some intel on the show...It's a long ride from NY....Thanks Ron

Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Ron,

Back in the day I've gone and had some fun there. It really depends on what you're looking to get out of the show. Let us know if you end up making the trip and maybe we can arrange an informal TT meet up.




Wow, I didn't hear anything about this until now. It is March 1-3 at the Seaport World Trade Center in South Boston. I will try to go.

Ron M.

Thanks Mike for the reply....Will Titleist be represented there with a display booth or is for local's only.


Having been to almost all of the expos, the last couple of years have been a bit leaner in terms of the more notable manufacturers not being there. Titleist is one of those that no longer display.  The link to the show is at  

Although pricey, parking at the Seaport Hotel is the most convenient and underground if the weather is nasty too. Michael Breed of the Golf Chanel was scheduled for last year but had to cancel due to an emergency. He is scheduled again to be there this year. 

You can also pre-purchase tickets on the Paragon website and avoid the usually long entrance lines. 

Mike B


I dont believe that Titleist will be represented at the expo. Here is a list of who will be there.


It is a pretty good show.  You can pick up some nice stuff cheep as long as you go on the first few days, by the end of the weekend everything good is picked through.  I will probably be going again this year.