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Ben K

I tore my ACL playing basketball last week.  Does anybody know any excerises I can do besides short game practice? 

I used to caddy and will not be able to this summer.   I want to apply for a golf shop job. 

I tell ya Ben it's gonna take time to heal. Are you having surgery? I had a knee replacement last summer and it just takes awhile. I played while I was hurting and got into some very nasty habits that I had to break once I was healthy. So be careful with what ever your choice is.


Walt L

any side to side movement on that knee may cause damage until the ACL is back up to snuff. PUTT would be my only suggestion. I have had my knee worked on four times...Get well soon!

Geoffrey B

The only exercise I would suggest is walking sparsely. RICE- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Over time this will heal your ACL.