Team Titleist polo and Pro v1x giveaway

Started by : Gary T |

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Gary T

Thanks Team Titleist!

Christian J

Looks awesome Gary!  I will post a picture of mine as well once I receive it.  Congrats on winning, and best of luck this year!

Ron M.

Congrats Gary on your new swag.....Everything looks hot including the packing....

Brian D

Congrats Gary, I really like that shirt.  Below is the package I was fortunate enough to receive.

Gary T

damn...your shirt is even nicer than mine!


Belonging to Team Titleist just gets better and better. It pays to keep up on the news items and blog. And nice looking shirt to go with those balls.

Geoffrey B

Wow! Nice package you received there!

Kyle P

Congratulations...Looks like a great prize to win!

Dylan C

how did you get them Gary?. They look so good 

greg p

Nice!  Congrats, guys!

Dan S

Congratulations, wear that shirt proudly. Team Titleist great job with the promotions.

Brian M

Just wanted to say thanks again.  Got package last week, very nice.

Wesley M

How did you get this?

Ben K

I would love to know how to get stuff like this. 

Cole R

Congrats!!! Wish i could win!