Scotty Cameron Putters

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Can you tell me the advantages between the putters with a smooth face, and one with a milled face. Thanking about a new putter, but don't know which would be better for me. Like to know which face is better for what situation? Thanks for your help.

Bret P

A deep milled face such as the new California series has would be the best. I feels softer than any other face and gets the ball rolling faster than any other face. Milled faces and smooth faces have a harder feel and don't grip the ball as much which can be a problem with long puts ( skidding) . It mostly on personal preference. I have a milled face putter and still wish that I had waited and saved up to get a deep milled putter. The type of ball you play also plays a factor in feel. Overall the deep milled putter would be your best choice because it gets the ball rolling a lot faster.