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My Titleist Hats and clubs

Club Champion

Steve H

Through the years with Titleist......

My Titleist Clubs


Steve H

Through the years with Titleist......

Awesome collection you have there Steve.  I really like your Titleist bag with your name and TT logo

on there.  Did you win that bag or had Titleist embroider it when you ordered your bag?



Steve, my jaw has dropped. That is one slick setup you have. I need to build a stand like you have there.



I would assume he's sponsored by titleist.  Either way, I'm jealous!!

Steve H

It helps when your Father in law builds custom cabinets. We just drew it one day, and he took it from there.  Fits quite nice in the golf room..... Thanks for the comp...

Steve H

808 my man....ordered the bag through Titleist at the golf shop, and the TT logo was approved through Mike.  Cathi help me set it up.  I tell you, it looks so much better in real life....

Ryan G

Wow!  As a new member of Team Titleist, I hope to someday have a collection like that Steve.  I also have started collecting yardage books.

Greg M

Awesome Steve. I need to get my name engraved on it. How did you get the TT patch?

Tom S.

Damn Life is good too you!!

Carlo Angelo

Awesome Steve!  One day I'll have a large collection...

Nick T


If you don't mind me asking, how much did they charge you to get that embroidered?  It looks amazing!