Why should we rake a Bunker?

@ James B --- Yes;  if your entitle to a drop without a penalty from the dead tree branch  - I'm all for it ---

 I have no problem with you moving your ball if within the rules --- no matter if they help or hurt !  
here's a scenario ? for instance if you hit the ball 350yds ---  and you find your ball on a root of a live tree -- the rule says play the ball where it lies... 
or you can take a un-playable -- and drop two club lengths to the close relieve - no nearer the hole ! and add one stroke to your score !
James -  the group I play with wouldn't have counted the stroke penalty  -
I know what your going to say next  ---- don't play with them -- I've try different groups and it seems to be the same thing over again with other groups!!
So - What I've started doing is calling them out when I catch them in the act ! or in some case not even bet on our games at all !  and just play !!
Play More Golf  with Titleist clubs  ---     JB

Unlike most hazards, the bunker is a playable hazard.  I have no problem raking after my shot making it the same hazard for all players, the only problem I have is where to put the rake.  Some courses like to put the rake off to the side, others like to keep the rake in the bunker itself.  I suppose as long as all players follow the same procedure it keeps things equal.