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Dan S

I have two Titleist caps with the ball marker magnet on the bills. I have lost the markers, Is there a website we can order the "Titleist 1" ball markers? I have searched the net and cannot find any.


let all of us know if you do find the markers. They are almost impossible to find other than on a cap. Like you, I have never been able to find them without the cap and I don't need any more caps for the forseeable future.

I got lucky last summer and found a bunch on ebay, I now have a Titleist ball marker on every Titleist Hat which is close to 25. Keep looking on there.

Chris S

Good luck, but definitely let us know if you find some. I also have 3 hats missing the marker.

 Chris S

Dan S

I've been checking eBay and so far only found a used set of 6 markers (with one Titleist marker in the set). But I will keep checking and if I do luckily find someone who sells them I will post the link. 


Ebay is your best shot. But maybe this is another Idea for some TT swag.