jr golf sponsership

Im 17 years old and ive been playing golf since i was 10 i shoot on average a 80 ive been blessed to have been two state championship golf teams and golf is basically my life. Does titleist have a jr golf sponsership and if so who would i need to talk to about possible getting one.

Thanks in advance!


Same with me bro! Please let me know the information you find out about this!


If you type in sponsorship in the search box on the discussion homepage, you will find 20 listings, several of which TT has explained policy and how to apply.

I'm 13 years old and I have a 6 handicap. I love the of golf and have been playing my whole life. My dream is to make it to the PGA tour. I just got to keep practicing. I would love to be sponserd by titilest because its my favorite golf brand. I have already had a hole in one when I was just 11. After seeing the 14 year old in the masters I want to do it to! Thanks for ready my leader and hopefully you guys sponser me. That would me the world to me.

thanks, Blake Cooper

Obviously they are not going to give a sponsorship to someone who averages 80. That is not even near the score people your age shoot who are good. I have a buddy who is fifteen and playing a 2 handicap and not asking for sponsorships because that still is not good enough.