Custom Belt Buckles

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Joshua O

I recently have been inspired to create a couple belt buckles.  Please feel free to comment on likes and dislikes, I would like the feedback. As you can see my nickname is Oz...

These are not finished either. I will polish one and the other i will be doing some other finishes.

Brian D

Very creative.  The Voke might come calling for your talents.



This is great! Nice work.

Joshua O

TT Buckle

Joshua O


A couple options with my nickname

paul a

i really like the team titleist  buckle.

Brian D

Joshua O

TT Buckle

Very Sharp looking.  You are creative and handy!

Lefty FPL

Sweet in Black and Red if you can !!

len n

looks great, we need to put the swosh to shame!!!!

Joshua O

I use very little paint but I will give a TT in red and black. I am also working on a TVD version (since thats what i use)... More to come...

Skylar T

Very cool man.. your talented. How did you do these?

Henry R

The team titleist logo is awesome. I agree that black and red would be great. Are you going to sell any of those?


Joshua O

TT Buckle


You are very talented...I really like them all.  What type of machine did you use to make these? I wouldn't mind having one made with my initials or the TT buckle...way too cool!!!

Taking  :)

Jim A

Very nice OZ!!  Has Titleist contacted you yet to market them?    Very Cool.

David C

Agreed, this is an awesome buckle.  If your in the market to make for people, I'd be interested.