Custom Belt Buckles

I was readying that there isn't a Titleist script buckle. I am going to draw something out and see what i can come up with. The lettering  of titleist is actually "art" and not a font. It will make things slightly dificult to do. Scanning it in is an option.

Those look amazing.  Put me on the list if you can distribute.

Those are pretty sharp looking. I especially like the Team Titleist one.


Those look amazing.  Put me on the list if you can distribute.

 I second this.  Would love to sport one.  And it already has my initials.



Love these belt buckles!!!! I am definitely interested in purchasing these when I see the finished product!!  Great work!!  Team Titleist, I would definitely recommend you get Oz on your payroll!


As a belt buckle connaisseur the Team Titleist one is my favorite. I've been thinking about converting an old iron head into a belt buckle. I have seen some online and really like the look. However, for the right price I'd purchase a Team Titleist one 

I really like the idea of using an old iron head, or even miling down and using a driver. Post up what it looks like when you are finished.

love this!!! make me one!

Brian D

Joshua O

TT Buckle

Very Sharp looking.  You are creative and handy!

Thats pretty sick where can i get one of these?

The team titleist belt buckle is gorgeous!!!  I know you said you wouldn't take any money, but I'll definitely pay for this!!!

Love the TT oval buckle....filled in with Titleist colors like their staff and black would look great....Heck I would buy one

for sure