Titleist Belt Buckle

Started by : Curtis M |

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Curtis M

Anyone ever seen one or know where to buy?  I have seen a few made from Vokey wedges, but thats it. 


I would also really like to buy one..

Check out the discussion titled custom belt buckles.

He is trying to organize some. 

Joshua O

Vokey sells them on their website when they are in stock. I have been trying to get one also for a few weeks.! They are limited release.


I have only ever bought the Vokey ones available on their website.  I would like a nice Titleist script buckle.

Cameron A

no clue


You can get a Scotty Cameron buckle via membership or Ebay.  I got mine on Ebay for around $50.  

Joshua O

Vokey sells them on their website. They are limited release and they haven't been in stock for a bit now. 

Curtis M

Yea I have seen the vokey ones, not bad.  Was looking for more of a titleist script buckle.  Also seen the some other post with a guy making his own, very nice work for the "team titleist" logo, but again..  Looking for the script.  Even thought about trying one out of an old ap1 iron head.