Thought the dads or future dads would like this

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Brett L

Christopher K

Awesome!  Reminds me of my youngest daughter's set of newborn pictures.


Better carry a few more just incase.

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Barry O

I have two new grandbabies on the way this summer. I forwarded this thread on to my expectant children! What a great picture!!! I agree with Cathy, Aaaawwwww!!!!!!some! Thanks for the shot. Ps. I don't expect my girls to put their newborns in my bag, lol. They all know how nuts I am about my Titleist equipment!!!!

Brett L


i know exactly what your that picture would look so much better if he had the newest 712mbs in the bag....I will recreate that shot just as soon as I get that package of new "toys"....ha ha

Mike C

Awesome picture!  How cute!  I think my wife might shoot me if I were to put our baby in my golf bag.

You can say she was "fit" into titleist equipment at an early age!