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Mike O

I would like to buy a Diamana Kai'li regular 60 gram shaft for my 910 D3.  Is that something I can purchase from the Titleist factory?  How much?  I am currently using the Phenom 60 stiff that came with the club when I bought it from Nevada Bob's in Madison, WI.

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


It is a shaft that Titleist does offer. Any Authorized Titleist reseller can order it for you. It is classified as an "Exotic" shaft so delivery time may be a few weeks, depending on stock. Expect this to be a pretty expensive shaft!

Robert J

You can order the Kai'Li but you should also know that in the 913 series, Titleist updated the standard shafts to Diamana + series, and may want to consider the Diamana S+ blue shaft. You can find them at an authorized Titleist dealer or retailer, and they should be able to provide pricing information.


Honestly, your best option is to find a retailer which offers fittings, where you can see data and actual ball flight, and then make the proper choice for you.