Ask and You Shall Receive

A 50 & 58 degree Vokey SM4 wedges with 2 dozen Pro V1X balls. That's all. Thanks. 

Would like to receive anything from titleist , but a new 3 wood and hybrid would complete my whole bag


Either a staff bag or the midsize staff bag would be nice for me... I'd like to have a formal golf bag, I curently use this.  Its cool and all, but a smart looking bag is something else!


Just a Titleist golf shirt and a dozen ProV1.

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no, the picture didn't load, sorry! ill try to get it up later! but team titleist sent me an awesome new hat, some team titleist like car stickers, and a 2013 new club manual! appreciate it!!

Curtis M

Olivia S



Did ya forget something or am I lost as usual???

 whoops! meant to tag this ppicture of some awesome things I received fromt tileist the other day! Thank you!

Olivia S


i would love to play a round with notable  pro's from the LPGA, PGA and European tour.

A set of AP-2 irons, and a box of pro v1 balls for the new season. 

Put me down for that staff bag as well, with "David Britton" printed on it like the pro's and "Bama"at the bottom like Bud Cauley.  I would take a 913 D3 9.5 if you've got extras, just the head I can put my Diamana shaft in it.  I wouldn't want to ask for too much.   If you could work in a practice round at Augusta in the next couple of weeks it wouldn't bother me.  Thanks Olivia and Team Titleist!  You guys are the best!!

I mean, I would love some new Titleist gear to close out my senior season of Collegiate golf. Season starts Monday!!!

I would like a set of left-handed new AP2 914's when they are released. Good things come to those who wait. Do dreams come true? Thanks TT

I am set with all Titleist clubs just don't have a Titleist bag to put them in. Would love a Titleist Midsize Staff Bag! 

a fresh new set of AP1's to take over my 08' AP2's?



I would like some AP2 irons (3-7 bent 1 degree weak), CB irons (8-P bent one degree weak), and three Vokeys (52-08) (58-12) (64-07) all with Project X shafts.   Also pair me with either Ben Kohles, Adam Scott, or Ben Crane at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in the practice round and/or pro-am.

One more thing, a few lessons from Stan Utley when I'm out there.

Warm weather is all I need...My bag and swing are ready...Have a great 2013 TT