Playing 1st round

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Ron M.

Finally playing my 1st round tomorrow....Weather looks good for the next 3 days here in NY. After a long winter of swinging in my family-room, lessons indoor,watching Golf Channel, and praying for spring I will test my new sticks and balls...Will post progress and results tomorrow night...:)

Mike P.

Have fun I live in NY too I played my second round of the year yesterday.


Have fun and let us know how it went. I got my first round in today in MA. Finally got to put my 913D through its first round. 


I've only missed a couple of weekends this winter.  Not sure playing in the cold temps has helped my golf game or not.  

Ron M.

Not as nice as I though it would be...50 and blowing....Hit some great shots and not so great putts...Greens were hard and fast. Shot 79 with two  3 putts....Good note-played round with same ball :).. The new Prov1x played as excepted , long and penetrating...Good luck this weekend...