Latest addition to the Team Titleist exclusive line-up. You'll want to check out this post...

Medium and ProV1x

XL & Pro V1x please

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Wow. You guys are fast. Congrats to the first five winners...


Bill P

Brian D

Christopher K

Tyler H

As for those of you that came in just behind the first five, don't forget to keep the replies coming as you still have a chance to win in the random drawing that will be held on Monday.



Thanks for the great opportunity Mike. I am looking forward to receiving the t-shirt and golf balls.


Large and Pro V1x!!

small, Pro V1x. t-shirt will look good on the range. good luck to everyone.


Pro V1x


Large Pro V1X... Awesome looking shirt by the way 

These promotions are fun. My shirt size would be XL and I play the pro v1x.

Large and ProV1

Love the shirt size large &pro v1x

shirt size:  Medium

Ball: Pro V1X

Small. Pro v1

XL and Pro V1X

XL Pro V1x

small, prov1x