Old used iron heads anyone?

Started by : Curtis M |

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Curtis M

Just curious if anyone had an old set, or single clubs just laying around they would like to part with for cheap?   Going to make a belt buckle out of old iron head.  More than happy to make you one if you supply the heads!


I have a set of Ram Tour Grinds sitting around. If you cover the shipping you can have them.

Mark B

Have you made any before? Do you have pix? I have one old iron think it is a 6, but yard sale season is on here and I could find old clubs cheap.

M. Edward Byrne 


how many heads does it take to make one belt buckle?

Curtis M

Will definitely cover shipping, but only looking for titleist irons.  Thanks though!    I've only made one and I lost it quite a while ago.   Sorry, no pictures.   Just imagine an iron head instead of a buckle!   And to answer the last question, only takes 1 iron head to make..   

Francisco B

I'd really like to see the outcome is be interested in getting one of you. I will also look in storage to see if I find a couple sounds Lik a great titleist accessory!

Carlo Angelo

I got some old irons... how about a fairway metal.  It would be nice to see one first...

Curtis M

Never tried anything with a wood, might be an interesting idea.   But as for pictures, I just found an old CM iron head off of craigslist.  Hopefully pick it up tonight and get it made sometime this week.   Will post pictures soon as its done.