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Vinny C

What should I look for in a golf instructor? I'm presently A 10 handicap and left handed.

Fred C

Hey Vinny. There's a lot of instruction out there and, many "professionals" are horrible teachers. Interview teachers and learn their philosophy first. You will do best with an instructor that has a firm grip on the fundamentals and can also really help you with the short game (putting, chipping, pitching). Best of luck!

Don O

They come in all sizes and shapes.  There are indoor instructors that use a lot of cameras to the kindly old gentleman outdoors with a stick to check when you move too much.  Do you work off of mats or would you be stuck in the middle of a large trap until you can get 3 in a row out?  At a 10 hcp you probably have a reasonable swing and may be looking for more pitch/chip help on course or at least oustide with a decent rough, trap, and a quick green.  I've fired one, used an LPGA at a big box to get irons/woods/driver working.  Ready to move onto an instructor for on the course for 100 yards and in.  Fortunately, Jerry Kelly and Steve Stricker's coaching teams are available to the public.