Midsize Staff Bag to Europe

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Dear Team Titleist,

I have not been able to locate a Midsize Staff Bag (product number TB3SF4-0) available for purchase in Europe. Please advise, if the Midsize Staff Bag is capable of being ordered from (the U.S by) my local Titleist reseller, or am I forced to order the Midsize Staff Bag through an U.S. online retailer (such as Golfsmith, TGW or like). 

I am asking, as I would rather support the business of a local pro shop and I believe that any after-sales services (if ever needed) would probably be easier through a local retailer than over the Internet (no disrespect to the online retailers).

How to proceed?

Many thanks for your response in advance.


Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


If you are in the UK, you might think about the Reverse Cart Bag (TB3RCT-411). It is about the same size as the midsize staff bag.